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Home-Based Travel Agent Training Designed For YOU! Not For Host Agencies
or Travel Suppliers

Home-Based Trave Agent Success Course

We Don't Sell A Business Opportunity So We Are Free
To Tell You Exactly How The Business Works And How
You Can Build Your Own Wealth Not Someone Else's

Annie Conley, Travel Consultant

"Thank you most sincerely for the incredible wealth of knowledge you share in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course. I am so impressed by the detail — updated just moments before I purchased it — associated with the course. The voice with which you have written is earnest and clear and inspiring. Thank you for giving me the tools to explore a dream."

Annie Conley, Travel Consultant, A Paris Bon Voyage

A Passion For Travel Is Nice ... Turning That Passion Into $$$ Is Even Better

This is what home-based travel agent success is all about

This Training is BIASED! It's biased in YOUR favor. We've laid out everything you need to start and succeed in your own home-based travel marketing business.

Here's how we do it ....

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Module 1 of the course
  • 1

    How To Design Your Business For Success

    You can work part-time or full-time, sell a little or sell a lot. But you must understand how the business really works!

Module 2 of the course
  • 2

    How To Book Travel Like A Pro

    Step by step guidance in how to deal with clients and reservationists to make sure every booking is a perfect booking.

Module 3 of the course
  • 3

    How To Sell Travel Like A Pro

    A complete course in professional selling, from finding prospects to closing the sale and creating a robust system of repeat business and referrals.

Module 4 of the course
  • 4

    How To Take Your Business To The Next Level

    Advanced strategies to make sure that you maximize your profit from every booking..

Module 5 of the course
  • 5

    Host Agencies and Beyond: The Route to True Independence

    A rigorous methodology for choosing a host agency and analyzing their offer. And for the truly ambitious, the right way to sever ties with a host agency, become completely independent and build your own team of sub-agents.

Host Agent Directory
  • +

    Host Agency Directory

    Over 300 Host Agencies, Cross-Referenced. Save literally dozens of hours in your search for the perfect host agency for you! Find agencies by entry cost, commission split, location, and more.

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The Dirty Little Secret About Host Agencies

Once they have your money, it's gone! Forever. That's right.
No refunds. No matter how dissatisfied you are.

(Oh yeah, some offer a 72 hour money-back guarantee ... probably only because their state law says they have to! Do you really think you'll know if a host agency is right for you within 72 hours?)


We have the best money-back guarantee in the travel industry (probably in every other industry as well). If you are dissatisfied we’ll refund your investment. No time limit. No questions asked. 100% of your money back.

I mean, really. You have no excuse.

91 Million Americans Will Travel This Year.* 64 Million Of Them Will Go Abroad.**
Let's Launch Your Travel Career.

** New York Times

Get Started Today — Here Is What You Get:

  • Instant Access.

    Everything is electronic. You’ll be ready to dive in just minutes after submitting your order.

  • Ongoing Access.

    The travel industry changes. So does this training. And you’ll have access to every update.

  • Five Core Modules.

    Five Core Modules. The step-by-step secrets of starting your business, how to book every travel product like a pro, how to work with host agencies (and how to cut them out of the profit loop when it makes sense), how to maximize your income while minimizing your outlay, and much, much more.

  • The Host Agency Directory.

    The most comprehensive rundown on host agencies available anywhere. Over 300 hosts, cross referenced. Saves you dozen of bhours in your host agency search.

  • "The Biggest Mistake Beginners Make."

    This video training will put you way ahead of amateurs who shell out for the first host agency they see.

  • "How To Think Like A Salesperson."

    Simple but powerful concepts that will focus your sales efforts and give you an edge over less professional agents.

  • The Travel Agent's Code Book.

    Do you know where WAW is? Ever stayed at MO? Real travel agents talk in code. Now you’ll know how to sound like an old timer.

PLUS ... Just-for-you information delivered to your inbox, discounts on future training products, and much, much more.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconWhat exactly is a home-based travel agent?

    Actually, it’s more than a travel agent who works at home. These days, it’s someone who follows the strategies spelled out in the Home-Based Travel Agent Success Course to sell
    travel on their own terms, no matter where they set up shop. We explain it all here.

  • q-iconWhich host agency should I join?

    The one that’s right for you, of course. And only you can figure that out. We give you the
    tools, you do the research. Oh, and who says you have to join a host agency anyway? We show you how to be completely independent. More info here.

  • q-iconHow much does it cost to get started?

    How does nothing sound? It really is possible to hook up with an outfit that will allow you to sell travel and earn a commission without spending a dime. We tell all about it here.

  • q-iconDo I get a travel agent ID card?

    Hoo boy! You really need to learn the truth about those “travel agent ID” come-ons. We tell all about it here.

  • q-iconHow much money can I make?

    There are actually home-based agents who earn more than a million a year. Not many, but they exist. There are more who earn into six figures. Then there are some who earn a modest amount working part time and others whose main goal is to save money on their own travel. It’s all about how you define your business, which we will help you do. Whatever your goal, we know it’s reachable. We can show you the route but you have to walk the walk. Learn more here.

  • q-iconDo I need a license?

    You mean like a drivers license, where you take a test to prove you know what you’re doing and won’t be a danger to yourself or others? The answer is “No.” There are, however, some states who want your money just to call yourself a travel agent. Think of it as yet another tax and you’ll be close to the mark. We explain it here.

There are more FAQs about the travel industry and FAQs about the course

Launch Your Business. Become A Pro. Everybody You Know Wants To Travel.

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We are unique in the home-based travel agent space. We do not sell a business opportunity. In other words, we are NOT a host agency, so we aren't asking you to PAY to work for us!

We prosper only by giving you the straight poop and putting you on a level playing field with host agencies who know all the ins and outs that they will never share with you. Unlike other sites that claim to offer "unbiased" information and resources about being a home-based travel agent, we do not promote host agencies or accept their money to advertise them.

Instead, we provide you with the information you need to investigate them and make your own, informed decisions. We don't want you to be a sappy travel agent. We want you to be a savvy travel agent.

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